Wedding or Commitment Ceremonies

For a marriage to be recognised in law in England and Wales (Scottish laws are different) a service within a register office or approved venue in front of a registrar is required. However once you have completed the legal formalities your ceremony can take place whenever and wherever you wish.

You can be as creative and romantic as you wish and hold your ceremony in the garden, on a boat, on the banks of a river, in a castle, on a beach…… fact wherever you like. You can also hold your ceremony at the time of day that suits you best….at sunrise or sunset or perhaps even in the moonlight!

I will ensure that the ceremony has the dignity that you deserve but I will also make sure that it is relevant to you and flexibility is my primary aim, providing guidance, creativity and expertise. Humour and poignancy can be incorporated into your ceremony, guaranteeing that your ceremony is completely unique and appropriate to you.